Saturday, July 9, 2011

The beauty of the day

Good morning everyone!! 
So far this weekend has been the stuff of dreams~ at least for me. I have a retired Standardbred track horse who HAD never been ridden, at least until yesterday!!!!! It has been a long time in the works establishing the trust necessary but SOOOOOO worth it. So I am beyond pumped!!!
We have been working on my riding her seriously for about 3 months in between various life crisis.  I have also had to spend time riding other horses to improve my skills, so that when I rode her it would be fun for us both.  
For me to effectively work with horses I know I need to be calm and centered.  I have to let go of any fear, or negative feelings that I may have brought to the barn with me.  This allows me to work with the horses in an environment of trust. 
Horses are prey animals.  They are very sensitive to the vibe, if you will, and feelings that the Alpha in the herd, in the barn that is the human, is broadcasting.   Those feelings are what tell the horse if it is safe, can I trust you,  is everything ok~
The interesting thing for me is that I have noticed that the more I work with the horses, cleaning up after them, grooming them, riding them, loving them, the better my quilting is.  The simple mechanics of the quarter inch seam, which some how is NEVER as easy as it ought to be, machine quilting, fabric choices, even the design process.  The techniques are just easier somehow.  
If I just take that little bit of time to center and focus~ everything is richer, the dimension deeper,  it just seems to flow.  I will be putting up my design wall soon and I can hardly wait to see where that will take me.


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