Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Thinking About the Creative Process

Today I  have spent a great deal of time thinking about the creative process. 

I wonder why some days, the quilting, piecing,  and appliqué just seem to flow, as if the entire process is able to blur the line that separates the internal world from the external.  The designs jump from my brain onto the paper or into the computer, the sewing machine knows before I do what the fabric wants to do.  The fabrics themselves seem to shimmer and dance as they place themselves into the magic of the art. 

And there there are the OTHER days~~ days of darkness and gloom.  Of sullen reflection, and trips to emergency, when our very tools themselves attack us.  The designs won't speak.  The fabrics won't go together.  The stitches break.  The rotary cutter tries to get us~  and it feels like the magic is gone.  

The challenge is to find the renewal of the magic and creativity.  The ability to step back from our art, to take that time to listen to the birds sing, practice our photography, or spend time with our families.  To walk and absorb nature, to think our thoughts.  To use the time to be able to come back to our art refreshed with a new soul, and a whole heart.

To let the magic sing!!


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