Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July

So here it is the birthday of our Nation. I think about that as I sit in my parlor listening to the distant thunder of the fire works in Winslow.  Thinking about the children young and old OOOOhhhing and Ahhhing as the beautiful lights explode in the sky.  

But, while I think about the fire works, and the parades, and the Fire trucks all bright and shiny ~ yes I admit the Fire trucks were always my favorites~~ I also think about the men and women who are serving our country right now who are cold, tired, hungry, and lonely.  Who are missing their family and friends.  Who have seen and done things that no young person should ever have to see or do,  all because of Honor.  Respect.  Dignity.  Courage.  

So often in this country, especially around election time, when most politicians are willing to sell their mother to a brothel to get elected, it is easy to be embarrassed to be an American.  

And yet, we can never truly be embarrassed to be American.  As long as there are men and women willing to give up time with their family and friends, travel to hostile lands, to be routinely scared and alone.   Men and women who are willing to lose people there that they grow to love, or to lose their own lives all to protect the freedom of people who they have never met and who will never know they existed~~ To protect the rights of people will disrespect them~  As long as these young people are willing to make the sacrifices that they routinely make, then we can never be embarrassed to be American no matter HOW  bone headed our politicians can be.

So today, on the birthday of our nation I just want to say Thank you to the members of our Armed Forces past, present, and future.  You are appreciated!!!



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