Monday, July 18, 2011

Oh my goodness what a day~~

Earlier on I had sort of rambled on about those days when  our art just wouldn't flow.  Well, today was that day for me.   I am feeling both discouraged and empowered~ which I suspect seems odd.  

I woke up with a migraine, which happens fairly frequently now.  I was pretty seriously assaulted by my former boyfriend in February of this year.  The Drs tell me it will take a while for the damage, physical and emotional to heal, so for now I just have to cope with the migraines, and their effect on my life.

I had really planned that today was going to be a day for ME.  I was going to hop up out of bed, get all of my chores done by 7 this morning and have all day to just design and sew.    And it was partially there. 

 I was out of bed by 7.  I am always out of bed by 7.  I did get some of my chores done, just not all of them and none of them by 7  as I wanted, but still~~  I got some of them done.

I worked on the quilt I am hoping to have finished for my ETSY store by the weekend.  I am not happy with what I did today.  So I will look at it tomorrow when the headache is gone and If I still am not happy I will pick it out and re-do it.  And that will be ok.  

I was given a gorgeous piece of fabric by a dear friend, and have used it to as the inspiration to design kitchen curtains.     Of course I have done at least as much UN-sewing today as I have sewing, but it is still a start and tomorrow will be better!!!

My point, and yes there is one~ I feel like crap.  My sewing machine Mildred, and I have not had a pleasent word to say to each other all day.  I have done more UN- sewing than sewing, 


 the design came.  It WILL look good.  The quilt will get finished, and listed, if not by this weekend, than maybe by next.  My chores will get done.  The ones that bugged me the most did get done.

I feel empowered.  I am getting through this.  I am getting through the physical and emotional pain from the assault.  I am getting through the creative block.  I am getting through my sewing machine being a putz today.   I got some things accomplished, and I just kept plugging along~

Even though I feel like crap~ It's a good day!!!


Kitchen window before hopefully there will be an after to post soon

Pretty Fabric just waiting to be sewn up

And we are re ready to start sewing~ or so we thought!!  lol!!

close up of our pretty fabric


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