Sunday, July 24, 2011

What a good day for Creativity

Wow what an amazing day for creativity~  The kitchen curtains are finally designed and complete except for trim which I need to go into town to purchase.  I will post photos of  what I have done so far.  The process really flowed today.  My mistake the other day I think was in trying to force it along, when clearly that is not where my creativity wished to go~  

I also developed a couple of really good ideas for future quilts and worked on a few of my WIP's ~

I tried something new today~ I made a skirt for myself from a commercial pattern.  I even followed the directions~  hummmmmmmmm Yes there were  many easier ways to have done the same thing and more quickly, but it was a good experience.  One to learn from when writing my own patterns.   Most of my work I design it as I go along, but I suspect that does not work for everyone ~ hehehe~


A cool variation of Sweet William  in my little planter

My rusty old radio flyer.  Can you imagine someone actually threw that  away!!!!!

Curtains still under construction~ They need some green trim, I am thinking dark green grossgrain ribbon
The little triangle things will be part of the Valance

Another view~ along with my iron, pattern pieces, cutting mat~  Who needs a table to eat anyway?
There is the skirt I made.  It came out quite well.  That quilt is one of the very first I ever made.  It is completely hand quilted

A better view

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  1. I'm catching up on reading blogs. I love your work. Years ago I made a quilt for my son. So much work goes into it. I only made one quilt and decided to then paint. I make jewelry. I've been making jewelry for the last 10 yrs. You are creative and the passion shows. Take care. If your a Mom - Happy Mother's Day!